Kevin Hart Tells Colbert ‘I Was Going To Be Good’ Hosting The Oscars

Kevin Hart thinks he would have been a pretty good Oscars host.

The comedian and actor appeared on Global’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Wednesday night and once again spoke about the recent controversy over his old homophobic comments, which led him to step down from hosting next month’s Oscars.

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Colbert began by reading off a quote from Hart’s appearance earlier that day on “Good Morning America” in which he said of the controversy, “I’m done with it.” Despite that, Colbert asked him about it once again.

“I’m just over it,” Hart responded to the question of whether he’d have handled anything differently. “It’s an onion. So no matter how many many times you keep peeling it, it’s just endless. There’s no end to it.”

He then added, “I apologized. I apologized again. I apologized after that apology… Every headline is ‘He apologized.’ I’m done. I did it. I’m over it.”

Sympathizing with Hart, Colbert explained that in his career he too has said things that upset people, “I’ve found that it’s not over until the audience is over it, not when I’m over it.”

“Here’s the difference,” Hart countered. “You can continue to live to please others or you could have a position that you know that you did what you can to please. If it’s still not received, you have to make a decision that you’re done trying to please. My job is putting myself out there 24/7. There is no version of me that’s fake.”

He continued, “You’re supposed to understand that I’m so true to me that there is no BS. I’m not compromising myself. At some point, you just have to be okay with you. I’m okay with the decisions I’ve made in my life and this is my decision. I’m over it.”

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Looking back at his lost gig, though, Hart said that he would have had some “fire” jokes if he were still hosting the Oscars.

“I was going to be good. I had some stuff. I had some heat. I had some real good jokes,” he said. “The reason I was going to host the Oscars was to take the tension out of the room… everybody is uptight. No one can breathe or move.”

Hart then suggested that maybe Colbert should host the show, to which Colbert joked, “I got too much to apologize for. You’ve got nothing on me.”

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