Ellen DeGeneres sure knows how to get to the bottom of her guests’ fears.

Claire Foy appears on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Thursday and the host begins by talking about the Golden Globes; the actress was up for an award for her performance in “First Man”, eventually losing to Regina King.

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Asked if she had a face prepared for the cameras in case she lost, Foy says, “I’m sort of always happy that other people win.”

DeGeneres then brings up Foy’s role in “The Girl in the Spider’s Web”, which involved more stunt work, and asks whether she’s scared of anything.

In the middle of Foy’s response, a man suddenly jumps out of the side table next to Foy, making the actress scream.

“I have literally just had a heart attack,” she says laughing.

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Also on the show, Foy talks about her American accent in “First Man”, which leads to a special game of “Heads Up!”

Foy may have mastered an American twang but her Italian accent needs some work.