Andy Samberg And Seth Meyers ‘Clear The Air’ Over Slights Against Each Other

Andy Samberg and Seth Meyers have a lot to atone for.

On Wednesday’s episode of “Late Night”, the two got together for a special, very serious segment called “Seth and Andy Clear the Air”, in which they sat across from each other and admitted how they’ve wronged each other.

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“I’m sorry I’m not all caught up on the last season of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’. I DVRed it, and I plan to watch it as soon as I can,” Meyers began.

“I work really hard on that show,” Samberg replied. “And I gotta say, if you had a show, I would watch it every night.”

For Samberg’s turn he apologized for the time he made Meyers drive him to LaGuardia airport, only to remember he was meant to fly out of JFK, “And then when we got to JFK I realized, Oh wait, I’m not going to either of these places because where I really wanted to go was the bathroom.”

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Also on the show, Samberg read off some of the jokes he wished he had time for when he hosted the Golden Globes on Sunday.

“Around 1,300 people attended the Golden Globes this year,” Samberg read one example. “And only one will leave.”

In another, Samberg joked, “‘Crazy Rich Asians’ is up for two awards, and crazy rich white people are up for the remaining 200.”

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