Connie Britton Reveals Julia Roberts Tried To Set Her Up, Talks About Pair’s Friendship

Connie Britton has managed to befriend the ultimate showbiz BFF.

The 51-year-old spoke to Busy Philipps on Wednesday’s “Busy Tonight” and told the host, “I’ve gotten to be friends with Julia Roberts. She tried to set me up with somebody… it hasn’t worked out yet. But at least mama tried, you know what I’m saying?

“I mean, Julia Roberts did it, like whoa. Give it a shot.”

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Britton added of being pals with the much-loved actress: “She came up and she was, like, ‘I love you,’ and I was like, ‘I’m never washing my face again.’

“Can you tell? It’s not really a, it’s not really a functional relationship. It’s not really a healthy friendship, it’s more like I idolize her and she’s nice to me.”

Britton then spoke about dating apps, insisting she’s not a fan.

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“I almost just swore just now. Basically the one with the famous people is, like, all Matthew Perry. God bless, I love Matthew Perry but we’re not gonna date. We’re not gonna date.”

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