‘The Daily Show’ Unearths Old Trump Video Encouraging People To Climb Over Walls

Donald Trump’s past remarks have come to light, standing in direct opposition to his current stance on building a wall along the U.S. southern border.

“He better hope no one shows Mexico this old video we found,” “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah tweeted on Wednesday ahead of the show’s broadcast.

“This is a place that people dream of coming to because people trying to make a better, safer life for their families will do anything to achieve that dream. And I know Donald Trump understands this because of this video we found from 15 years ago,” he later said on “The Daily Show”.

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In the video filmed in 2004, Trump encourages graduating students to “never, ever give up”…even if they encounter a concrete wall.

“If there’s a concrete wall in front of you, go through it, go around it,” he declares at Wagner College in Staten Island. Trump was transitioning from real estate magnate to reality TV celebrity at the time of the speech.

His 2004 message stands in stark contrast to his current position that a border wall will keep undocumented immigrants out of the U.S.

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“The Daily Show” aired the footage following reports Trump walked out of a discussion with Democrats to end the government shutdown after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to fund the costly wall.




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