CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Reveals Why She Vanished In The Middle Of A Broadcast After Viewers Freak Out

Viewers were mystified while watching Brooke Baldwin on “CNN Newsroom” when she suddenly vanished after a commercial break.

When the show returned live, Brianna Keilar, host of “CNN Right Now”, had taken over, leading viewers to wonder what happened to 39-year-old anchor Baldwin.

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In fact, viewers were so mystified they expressed their concern on social media — with some even wondering if CNN had been the target of another bomb threat.

Viewers breathed a sigh of relief when Baldwin surfaced on Twitter to address their concerns, revealing she was suddenly hit with an ocular migraine right in the middle of the live broadcast, forcing her to bail during the commercial.

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“Going home to sit in the dark,” she signed off. “Back tomorrow.”

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