If you’re going to perform a high school musical, don’t invite Bryan Cranston. That’s something Jimmy Fallon found out the hard way on Thursday’s “Tonight Show”.

The late-night host was joined by “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” star Lana Condor for what was supposed to be an inspiring sing-along about having the confidence to be your true self.

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In the funny sketch, Fallon plays the star quarterback, while Condor stars as the upbeat cheerleader. Cranston is the brace-wearing nerd, who is bullied by the school jocks.

After seeing Cranston made fun of, Fallon and Condor burst into song, revealing secrets about themselves in hopes of shattering high school stereotypes. Fallon’s character, for example, enjoys knitting, while Condor is a secret gamer.

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To this point, the musical is kind of sweet. Then the “Breaking Bad” star joins in on the fun. Inspired by the others, Cranston’s social outcast stands up to reveal his secret.

“One time I walked in on my parents having sex and I didn’t leave right away,” he begins, much to the shocked reactions of his classmates. Things only get weirder from there, as he confesses his passion for filming road traffic accidents and getting retweeted by ISIS.

“I think the takeaway here is while it’s good to share some things, we don’t always have to share everything,” Fallon concludes.