Patti LaBelle Admits She Used To Slap Goddaughter Mariah Carey: ‘That’s My Baby’

Patti LaBelle joked she would sometimes slap her goddaughter Mariah Carey as she spoke to Busy Philipps on Thursday’s “Busy Tonight”.

LaBelle, 74, spoke to host Philipps, 39, about giving young women advice in the industry.

She explained, “I hate saying this but ‘Keep your clothes on.’ I’ve been mentors to so many… Beyonce, Mary J… God, so many. Mariah’s my goddaughter. I have to slap her every now and then. But she’s so phenomenal and so good, she doesn’t need to be slapped anymore. That’s my baby.”

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LaBelle also discussed her friendship with Sir Elton John.

She recalled, “You know he was my piano player back in the day? He said, ‘Patsi, I want you to come to see me tonight.’ I said, ‘Where are you?’ He said, ‘I’m at the Spectrum.’ I said, ‘Who are you opening up for?’ He said, ‘I’m not Reggie anymore, I’m Elton John.’ I said, ‘What? You made it before me punk!?’ And he did! But then I knew that he had enough money to give me my Tupperware back. He ended up paying me with a diamond ring.”

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Philipps then questioned LaBelle about her onstage antics, with the musician insisting she no longer rolls around on the floor but she does still kick off her shoes.

“I used to wear these beautiful coats and stuff, and so I would throw them to the audience because I wanted to take it off and show my dress off. And so I would give it to the audience and the lady in the front wouldn’t give it back to my assistant. And so I said, ‘Go find a gun and get my thing back. Just shoot her or something.’ I got it back. But some shoes, when the shoes go, and they think I gave them a shoe. Nooo, give me that back.”

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