Bryan Cranston On Joining ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Or ‘Better Call Saul’: ‘I Would Do It In A Second’

Bryan Cranston confirms he would not need a lot of convincing to return to the “Breaking Bad” universe.

The actor says he would be absolutely thrilled to appear in the rumoured “Breaking Bad” movie or even an episode of “Better Call Saul”.

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“From a realistic standpoint, if I got called to do the movie or ‘Better Call Saul’ which I don’t know would ever happen — I really don’t — I would do it in a second,” Cranston tells “Entertainment Weekly Radio” on SiriusXM. “My experience on ‘Breaking Bad’ changed my life and my professional life. It gave me opportunities that would not have come.”

Rumours of a “Breaking Bad” film picked up steam last year when series creator Vince Gilligan was revealed to be working on a feature film. Cranston later confirmed the movie was related to “Breaking Bad” but was unsure if he would be involved.

The only thing that could grab Cranston’s attention more than a “Breaking Bad” movie is the audience member that once literally grabbed Cranston. “Once, right before the very famous ‘mad as hell’ speech, I come running through [the crowd]” in Network on Broadway. “Usually, when people are startled they recoil. If someone’s scared you jump back, but if you’re military or law enforcement sometimes a startling moment will put you at the ready. This is what happened when I came running through and said ‘stop!’ at one point in the play.”

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“I thought I hooked my raincoat on a chair because I was jerked back in the aisle,” Cranston explains. “As I was being jerked back I realized there was a man holding my raincoat and he pulled me in like I was a fish on the line and he grabbed me and said, ‘no, no!’ I go, ‘no, I have something to say,’ and he goes ‘no!’ until other security people told him ‘no, he’s in the show, he’s in the show’ and then he kind of just let go.”

“Later on in the show when I’m also in the audience and I passed by him, he was embarrassed,” he concludes. “I looked over to him and he had his head on his forehead and he had his head dipped in shame. I just walked up to him and squeezed his should and told him ‘you could be on my team anytime… It’s okay, it’s all good.”

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