Twitter Reacts To Cringeworthy ‘Glass’ Interview With Samuel L. Jackson And James McAvoy

An interview with Samuel L. Jackson and James McAvoy had the actors, and the Internet collectively scratching their heads.

The two leading actors dropped in remotely on ITV’s “Lorraine” to promote their upcoming movie “Glass”. Jackson, 70, and McAvoy, 39, were not picking up what Lorraine Kelly was throwing down.

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Kelly asked the actors if it was detrimental to watch prequels “Unbreakable” and “Split” before seeing “Glass”. “No,” Jackson responded. “No,” McAvoy chimed in. “It’s a wonderful standalone piece,” Jackson added. “Not a bad idea, but not necessary.”

The television host noted how “Glass” is “not your usual sort of, big action-packed story. There’s a lot going on, isn’t there?” she asked. An awkwardly long pause followed before Jackson finally replied, “It’s cerebral.”

Perhaps most strangely, Kelly said how she could not believe Jackson is 71-years-old. “Thank you,” a befuddled Jackson replied. “I’m not sure what that means, but thank you.”

Kelly praised the actors for their lack of vanity. The sentiment was sweet but the delivery could use some work: “It doesn’t matter how bad you have to look, how horrible you have to be. You just go for it.”

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Twitter had a field day with the strange interview.


“Glass” premieres in theatres everywhere on Jan. 18.

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