Known for creating such acclaimed TV series as “The West Wing” and “The Newsroom”, Aaron Sorkin made a big impact on the big screen with his screenplay for “The Social Network”, chronicling the early days of Facebook through the eyes of the social media platform’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg).

Since the film’s release, Facebook has become increasingly mired in controversy, ranging from users’ concerns over privacy to the platform’s role as a conduit for Russian hacking that likely influenced the 2016 presidential election.

Speaking with Associated Press, Sorkin explained that given all that’s happened in the intervening years, the time seems right for a sequel to “The Social Network”.

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“First of all, I know a lot more about Facebook in 2005 than I do in 2018 — but, I know enough to know that there should be a sequel,” Sorkin said, revealing that producer Scott Rudin approached him about the idea.

“I’ve gotten more than one email from him with an article attached saying, ‘Isn’t it time for a sequel?” added Sorkin, pointing out that “a lot of very interesting, dramatic stuff has happened since the movie ends with settling the lawsuit from the Winklevoss twins and Eduardo Saverin.”

If a sequel does come to pass, it would seem likely that Eisenberg would return to play Zuckerberg, who was called to testify before Congress in April 2018.

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