James McAvoy Once Cut His Testicles With His Grandfather’s Razor And Got Caught

James McAvoy was almost caught red-handed when he shaved his own testicles with his grandfather’s razor.

The “Glass” star shared the embarrassing story on a recent episode of BBC’s “The Graham Norton Show”. McAvoy, now 39, revealed how the incident occurred when he was 12-years-old.

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A young McAvoy sprouted his first few pubic hairs and thought to himself, “I don’t know if I want this for my future…'”

“I was bored one day and I saw my grandpa’s razor and I thought, ‘I’ll have a bang at that.’ I started shaving [my testicles],” the actor explained. “I did it badly and I stopped quickly and I cut myself.”

He cleaned everything up, tossed the garbage in the toilet and went upstairs. “10 minutes later I hear, ‘James, James!.. I think they were worried I did something to my wrists,” he clarified.  After a brief interrogation from his grandparents, little McAvoy confessed, “I was shaving my [testicles]!”

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“They were mortified and the looks on their faces were kind of like they are now,” McAvoy chuckled as the camera panned to his grandparents who were in the studio. “There was a stunned silence.”

Speaking of shaving, you can see “Glass” starring a mostly-bald McAvoy in theatres Jan. 18.

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