Robbie Amell and “my much older cousin”; Stephen Amell of Arrow fame have an idea for a movie in which they’ll star together, something for which fans have been clamouring for ages.

The pair have been pitching a new sci-fi action film called Code 8, and have even filmed a high-octane new teaser that’s receiving a lot of buzz.

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The next step: they’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign, following in the footsteps of crowd-funded films such as Veronica Mars.

“Stephen and I have always wanted to work together,”; says Robbie in a YouTube video announcing the venture. “We got a small taste of it on Arrow and Flash, but we want to do something bigger, and to actually talk to each other on camera would be nice,”; he jokes.

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“But that’s not what we’re here to talk about,”; says Stephen, telling the story of how Code 8 came together.

You can find out more about the film and the Indiegogo campaign right here, and all the cool perks that go along with helping bring Code 8 to the screen. As Stephen explains, “We wouldn’t make something that wasn’t cool.”;