Snoop Dogg has long been open about his love of hockey, and the veteran rapper got to demonstrate his affection for the sport by serving as celebrity guest of honour on Saturday at Staples Center in Los Angeles, where the L.A. Kings took on the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Not only did Snoop deliver the ceremonial puck drop and serve as DJ for the night, he also entered the broadcast booth to call part of the game.

“I want to learn how to ice skate so I can play hockey,” he declared at one point. “That’s the only problem that I have.”

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Later, when he felt a fight might be on the verge of breaking out, he lent his encouragement. “Get it crackin’ then, let’s go!” he said. “Snoop Dogg in the house, let me see something! Drop the sticks man, let’s get crackin’ man, to the middle of the rink, let’s go.”

Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NHLI via Getty Images
Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NHLI via Getty Images

With the Kings on a power play, the announcers then gave Snoop the opportunity to serve up two solid minutes of solo play-by-play.

“Take a shot! Somebody gotta be willing to take a shot,” he said as the Kings passed the puck. “Somebody gotta want that money! Who want the money?”

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Judging by the Twitter reaction, a built-in fanbase awaits if Snoop ever wants to switch jobs and explore a career in the broadcast booth calling hockey games.

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