Walk Off The Earth Holds Memorial Concert For Bandmate Mike ‘Beard Guy’ Taylor

Walk Off The Earth held a memorial concert on Sunday evening in memory of their former bandmate, Mike ‘Beard Guy’ Taylor.

“Getting up on the stage tonight is probably going to be a different story,” said Sarah Blackwood speaking to ET Canada. “We are excited to share the energy with the crowd.”

“This is definitely a celebration,” added bandmate Gianni Nicassio, “There is moments of sadness but this is to celebrate the awesomeness that was Mike Taylor.”

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Walk Off The Earth set up his keyboard and some candles on stage to help bring Taylor with them.

Blackwood added that sharing memories of Taylor and planning the concert has helped bring closure to the shock of his death.

Joel Cassidy mentioned that hearing the stories from the public on how Taylor touched their lives has been “incredible.”

Walk Off The Earth plans to carry the spirit of Taylor with them on the continuation of their world tour through an extension of the memorial concert to the fans around the globe.

The concert being held in Burlington, ON will give the fans a chance to celebrate his life. Those attending can donate to MusiCounts, a charity that helps provide instruments to Canadian children in communities with limited access.

People gathered outside in the cold under warm blankets to watch Walk Off The Earth, joined by members of Barenaked Ladies, Arkells and Monster Truck, say goodbye to “Beard Guy”.

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Fans from as far as the Netherlands and England came to pay their respects.

Taylor died of natural causes on December 20, 2018.




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