Lin-Manuel Miranda Calls Out Trump’s Dishonesty In Scathing Tweet: ‘Our Current President Lies As Easy As You And I Breathe Air’

While Washington reels from the New York Times‘ revelation that the FBI had been investigating whether Donald Trump was secretly working for the Kremlin, America’s 45th president has been busy on Twitter.

Over the weekend, Trump took to his favourite social media platform and issued numerous tweets, including a few blasting Democrats for “having fun” while he’s waiting for them to come to the White House and strike a deal to end the government shutdown over his monetary demands to fund a controversial wall.

While Trump was tweeting, some Democrat lawmakers — including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi — travelled to Puerto Rico to meet with officials and take stock of efforts required to help the still-devastated island after last year’s hurricane.

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While there, the Democrats also took in the opening night of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s special production of “Hamilton”, with the acclaimed Broadway show’s creator and original star reprising his role of Alexander Hamilton for the 17-day run, with proceeds to raise money for hurricane relief efforts.

Apparently responding to Trump, Miranda issued a tweet of his own, declaring that “our current president lies as easily as you and I breathe air. Every day, all day, reflexively.”

Not all of his fans were onboard, with a few taking him to task for getting political:

However, far more tweeted their support for his opinion in tweets such as these:



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