Jian Ghomeshi Verdict: Not Guilty On All Counts

The verdict is in, and Jian Ghomeshi has been found not guilty on all charges, with the court ruling the former CBC host is not guilty on four counts of sexual assault and one count of choking.

In the ruling, the judge declared the evidence presented had been “tainted”; by “outright deception.”;

The ruling also notes: “It is impossible to determine with any acceptable degree what is true and what is false.”;

The ruling did, however, make an important distinction, noting that just because the evidence did not prove the charges does not necessarilty mean the alleged incidents did not occur — merely that the evidence did not “prove the allegations beyond a reasonable doubt.”;

Following the verdict, the CBC released the following statement, indicating it’s unlikely Ghomeshi will be getting his old job back: “The charges that were before the court in this trial and the judge’s ruling are unrelated to our decision to end Jian Ghomeshi’s employment with CBC,”; reads the CBC statement. “Based on the evidence that came to our attention, Mr. Ghomeshi’s actions were not in line with the values of the public broadcaster nor with our employee code of conduct.​ We stand by our decision.”;

Watch the livestream from the scene.

Now that Ghomeshi has been found not guilty, can he mount a comeback?

“I think it’s quite likely,” says criminal defense attorney Karen McArthur in an interview with ET Canada. “We live in times of redemption and forgiveness.”

However, Globe & Mail columnist Robyn Urback admits a comeback may not follow the same pattern we see with scandal-plagued American stars.

“I think the culture in Canada is a little bit different,” says Urback. “We have far fewer homegrown celebrities, we don’t have this sort of scandal cycle that they have in the United States, so when something like this happens, it’s a much bigger deal.”

Returning to mainstream media, however, may not be in the cards, but that’s not to say he’ll fall off the media landscape.

“I think he could have his own podcast,” says publicist Natasha Koifman. “And I’ll bet you people will listen.”



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