Emily Blunt Did That Amazing ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ Fall Into The Bathtub For Real

One of the most eye-popping moments in “Mary Poppins Returns” involved Emily Blunt falling backwards into a bathtub and disappearing. And it turns out the shot was completely real.

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A clip that went viral over the weekend shows how Blunt and the filmmakers pulled off the amazing shot.

The production built a hole into the tub, with a slide down below the floor. The tub was filled with bubbles, and all Blunt had to do was let herself go down the slide backwards.

In a discussion about the film posted on YouTube, Blunt explained how the shot was created and revealed that, despite everything being very safe, going down the slide backwards was pretty scary.

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The children in the film also got to go down the bathtub slide but they did it facing forward.

“The kids did theirs 20 times,” Blunt said. “I think I did it twice, and then I was like, ‘Have you got it? Is that it?'”



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