Scott Speedman is part of a family of thieves in the new summer drama “Animal Kingdom”;.

Inspired by the 2010 Australian film “Animal Kingdom”;, the TV crime series stars Ellen Barkin as Smurf, the tough matriarch of a thieving family. The crime family takes a young man into their brood and indoctrinated into their criminal ways following the heroin-overdose death of his mother. A blood relative, the young Cody is welcomed into the family by Smurf, but needs to earn the trust of his new-found brothers. Speedman stars as Baz, the muscle of the family as the matriarch’s right-hand man in the series which debuts on June 7.

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“Animal Kingdom”; is about more than just crime and family. It’s about cupcakes too, which Smurf isn’t having a lot of luck with in this new teaser.

We’re getting a look at the shirtless Speedman and Barkin’s ruined cupcakes in the trailer for the TV series: