Kathy Griffin And Don Cheadle Bury The Hatchet After Twitter Spat

Kathy Griffin says Don Cheadle are back on good terms after an argument on Twitter.

In a Twitter rant posted on Tuesday, the comedian, 58, went off on Cheadle after he posted a photo of himself wearing a hat promoting the Sleeping Giants campaign, whose aim is to fight bigotry and sexism.

Later that day, though, Cheadle tweeted to clarify and put the feud to bed. Griffin responded, admitting that she had also let her frustrations over the past couple years “bubble” up.

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Replying directly to the “Avengers: Infinity War” actor, 52, Griffin brought up old beef that followed her controversial photo holding Donald Trump’s severed head. According to Griffin, Cheadle didn’t stand up for a “friend” during her “smear campaign.”

“Oh GREAT Don. I will never forgive you for your nasty tweet the day my smear campaign started,” she wrote. “You know it was a f**king smear campaign and you have never taken a moment to apologize. Some liberal you are. Yes, my memory is long my ex-friend. Shame on you. I kept a list. Fear me.”

Confused by Griffin’s words, Cheadle responded with a simple “Huh?” prompting a longer response from Griffin.

“Huh? You’re a dick in real life, but believe it or not, I truly hope what I went through never happens to you,” Griffin continued. “Never. And if it did I would be the first in line to stand up for you, get my a** on television and do everything I could to defend you & the 1st amendment. It’s easy Don.”

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But in a series of tweets, Cheadle defended himself claiming they were never actually friends.

“I don’t ‘friend’ that quickly so we can’t really be ‘exes’,” he wrote. “Had I been your ‘friend’ and you had asked my opinion, I would have said ‘Kathy, for your own sake, please do NOT depict yourself holding the bloody, severed head of the president.'”

Griffin has yet to respond.

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