Jimmy Fallon’s special episode of “The Tonight Show” from Puerto Rico had a few hiccups.

For one, Fallon “almost died” in a zip line mishap. He shared the story on Monday’s episode of the late-night talk show.

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“I almost died on a zip line,” he proclaimed. “So I get kind of towards the end and I can see there are four guys there, and Tariq [of the Roots], at the end of the line, and they all start going, ‘The cable, the cable!’ And they’re all pointing,” Fallon said. “I’m hundreds of feet above the trees. I’m going, ‘Woah, what? What do you mean, the cable?’”

“Anyway, I stop like 30 feet before I’m supposed to and I started going backwards!” he said. “So now I’m going back up the mountain.”

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Ultimately, someone was sent on another zip line to rescue the comedian.

The special Puerto Rico episode of “The Tonight Show” airs Tuesday.

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