Ewan McGregor’s eldest daughter has clarified what she meant by recent comments which appeared to be calling her father an “a**hole.”

Clara McGregor made the comment on Instagram after sharing a photo of her mother, Eve Mavrakis, on a beach wearing a bikini. “My mother, ladies & gentlemen. 50 is the new 30 apparently,” the 22-year-old model captioned the pic.

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When a fan replied, “Keep her away from your boyfriends,” Clara responded, “I keep her away from a**hole men who leave my goddess of a mother.”

She later deleted the comment and took to her Instagram Stories to clear up what she meant by the statement.

“Let’s make one thing clear. I was not attacking my dad or calling him [an] a**hole,” Clara wrote in a screenshot. “I was simply saying she deserves someone who isn’t one.”

McGregor split from Mavrakis in 2017 after 22 years of marriage and began dating his “Fargo” co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead. In early 2018, the “Trainspotting” actor filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

Last year, Clara called Winstead a “piece of trash” after a photo labelled the 34-year-old actress as one of the most beautiful women in the world. “Most beautiful and talented woman on Earth? Oh man y’all are delusional. The girl is a piece of trash,” she wrote.

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Clara later admitted that she went about things the wrong way, telling the Times that it wasn’t her “finest moment.”

“I kept being tagged in this photograph and I was seeing negative things about my mom,” she explained. “I said how I felt and I didn’t want to apologize for it.

“It wasn’t the right way to go about things but it’s a hard thing to wrap your head around when you feel you had this idea of what the family unit is and then to have that shift. It’s very weird.”

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Despite struggling with the breakdown of her parents’ marriage, Clara told the Times that she still loved her dad. “I’m still very close to my dad. I love him and I always will,” she said.

“The relationship’s not going to end because of this. We are incredibly close and despite me strongly disagreeing with how he’s gone about things, I’ll always love him and I hope he’s happy, you know?”