“We were scum. Trash. Refuse that didn’t fit into the system. Until someone had the bright idea of recycling us to serve science.”

So says Robert Pattinson’s character in a new trailer for “High Life”, in which he plays a prisoner inside a spaceship on a mission to find new sources of alternative energy, overseen by a doctor (Juliette Binoche) who is conducting experiments on the prisoners for her own mysterious — and apparently sinister — ends.

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The film, the first English-language movie from French director Claire Denis, explains via flashbacks why Pattinson’s prisoner and his infant daughter ultimately become the sole survivors on the ship, with Pattinson’s voiceover offering a cryptic clue about what happened. “If you break the laws of nature,” he says, “you’ve got to pay for it.”

In addition to Pattinson and Binoche, the cast includes Andre Benjamin (a.k.a. Outkast singer Andre 3000) and Mia Goth.

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“High Life” will hit theatres on April 12.

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