Jillian Michaels Defends Keto Diet Comments Following Backlash From Andy Cohen, Al Roker: ‘If You’re Going To Start Something, Finish It’

After Al Roker and “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen slammed Jillian Michaels for her keto comments, with Cohen naming her his “Jackhole of the Day”, the fitness guru is making it known that she won’t be backing down from the fight.

Chatting with ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante in our studio, Michaels responds to Cohen and Roker’s backlash, sharing her thoughts on the keto controversy.

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“It’s like ‘you cowards!’. If you’re going to start something finish it. And like be a man, go toe to toe. Have a civil intelligent conversation,” the 44-year-old tells Bustamante. “That to me is just wildly unacceptable.”

“I’m weighing in on a diet. And by the way it is my job! You then have two individuals who are in a pretty high position in the media right? That just resorts to personal attacks and name calling,” she adds. “The minute I was like ‘why don’t we have an intelligent, civil debate, on keto if that’s what both of you would like’, not a peep out of either one of them.”

Roker, 64, revealed on the “Today” show that he’s been on the diet since September and has seen positive results. But Michaels insists since researching for her new book The Six Keys over the past two years with doctors and scientists, all of your questions can be answered about why she doesn’t like the diet.

“You definitely burn fat faster, there’s no doubt. But it also ages you, faster,” Michaels reveals. “So what we think is ‘oh if it’s good for the weight-loss goose it must be good for the overall gander of your health and wellness’, the bottom line is that the two don’t necessarily intersect.”

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Even though Michaels received a lot of mixed opinions about her keto comments, she’s not going to let the haters win.

“Oh haters are going to hate. I couldn’t care less about that. I feel like I’m living proof of what I do and what I say works,” she says.

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