With 20 years of marriage under their belts, Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk have faced plenty of moments of joy and pain. Now, the Canadian superstar couple is putting their marriage under the microscope in their new, deeply personal documentary “I’m Going To Break Your Heart”, sharing some very real and raw moments of their relationship.

“Raine and I have been together since I was 22-years-old. He’s my old, he’s my new, he’s my everything,” Kreviazuk, 44, tells ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey in an exclusive sit-down interview. “He’s the father of my kids, he’s incredible, soulmate partner and I get him, no one else needs to like him or me, just him and I, that’s it and that’s the science of partnership to that’s not me being naive or being some sort of weirdo.”

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“I’m Going To Break Your Heart”, which premieres in Toronto on Thursday, Jan. 24, takes a look at the sometimes complicated relationship the two musicians have, especially when it comes to recording new music together and working out some marital issues and learning to fall in love again.

Our Lady Peace frontman Maida admits it isn’t always a flattering look to see yourself on camera, criticizing your partner.

“Being able to step outside and watch that back it’s very humbling but it’s also very healing it’s evidence of what we are working on. We are on a journey and this is just part of the work,” Maida, 48, says. “The film is a great thing for us to have to say we aren’t perfect at it we are willing to keep working.”

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The couple, who wed in 1999 and have three sons, Salvador, Lucca and Rowan, reveal they purposefully kept them out of the intimate look at their relationship. Maida and Kreviazuk tell Cheryl they haven’t shown the finished product to them, admitting it would be “weird.”

“They haven’t seen it, but I think it would have been weird for us,” Maida says, explaining their decision. “You couldn’t have edited out any of the personal stuff cause that is really the context for where the music comes from but we really did keep the kids out of this thing, it’s not about them, family is important but they are protected.”

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“They have kinda seen… it’s our real life, our kids are around,” Kreviazuk adds.

Though if their children do watch the film, Maida and Kreviazuk hope they’ll extract some lessons from it.

“Protect each other, work through any challenges, forgive each other,” they add.