Travelling with kids? Connie Britton and Nicole Kidman have your back!

During an interview on Radio Andy with host, Andy Cohen, actress Connie Britton revealed Nicole Kidman’s parenting advice during her first year of filming “Nashville”.

The “SMILF” star said, “the best piece of advice that I ever got for travelling with a kid was from Nicole Kidman.”

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Adding: “Nicole‘s pretty hardcore about technology, and she’s like, they have an iPad they’re only allowed to use on a plane.”

“And that’s what I’ve done…the only time he uses an iPad is on the plane. He loves it.”

She added that Kidman flys to Australia all the time so they really need all the help they can get!

Cohen was asking for parenting advice as he is expecting his first child via surrogate this year.

Cohen expressed he wants to be strict with technology to which Britton agreed but pointed out “when you have your kid, you are going to realise everybody’s kid has an iPad.”

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Britton also only allows her son to use his iPad on the place, noting that it becomes a treat for him. Once they land it “goes back in the backpack.”

Cohen agreed it was the “best advice.”