Hollywood mother-daughter duo Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson are turning “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” into a family affair as they kick off their guest-host duties on Thursday.

The pair prove how close they are as they recall Kate’s recent birthing experience, in which her mother got a little too close for comfort. Goldie says she asked for permission to be in the room after she was told off by her daughter for eating pizza during her grandson Bingham’s birth back in 2007.

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It turns out Goldie got a front row seat to the birth of baby Rani, as Kate explains that she was so close to the action that the doctor remarked, “If you get any closer you’ll fall in.”

Kate also reveals that her family sweat a lot and she hopes that her daughter doesn’t inherit the “body odour.”

The embarrassing family stories don’t stop there, as later in the show Hudson surprises her mom by bringing out her son, Oliver Hudson, the star of “Splitting Up Together”. The siblings then share a story that happened while they were at sleepaway camp.

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Oliver and Kate didn’t want the other kids at camp to know they had famous parents; they just wanted to be themselves for a while away from the spotlight. That plan was ruined however when Goldie flew into camp on a private plane.

Elsewhere on the show, Kate and Goldie check in with DeGeneres, who is meant to be babysitting Rani, and they interview Gwyneth Paltrow, who dishes about her unusual honeymoon situation with her new husband, Brad Falchuk, her ex-husband Chris Martin, and all their children.