Without the ability to hear, deaf contestant Nyle DiMarco would seemingly be at a disadvantage when competing on Dancing With the Stars, but in a new interview with Good Morning America he and partner Peta Murgatroyd reveal their secret.

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“Sometimes I tap his back,” Murgatroyd says. “That’s to count him in the 5-6-7-8. I have the squeeze. I go like this when I want to be brought back for the rumba. The good old scratch on the back — that means turn around.”

In fact, Murgatroyd thinks it may be an advantage that DiMarco can’t hear. “I get freaked out by all the noise — there’s hundreds of people in the ballroom. Nyle can’t hear any of that,” she notes. “He’s in his own world with me, and it’s kinda perfect. He can’t get distracted.”

She adds: “He’s showing America that anybody can dance… What could be more inspirational than that?”

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DiMarco says that he’s proud to be able to represent the deaf community on DWtS, saying via his translator that appearing on the show “is an honour for me.”