Canadian crooner Michael Bublé takes his bubly Super Bowl LIII campaign to the people on Friday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” as he poses as a cashier at a grocery store.

The Grammy-winning singer upsells the PepsiCo sparkling water to unsuspecting customers in a hilarious hidden camera prank, all while DeGeneres tells him what to say through an earpiece.

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In a completely unplanned moment, “Modern Family” star Eric Stonestreet enters the store, leading to a rather awkward interaction between the two celebrities. Bublé later admits that he thought DeGeneres was “reverse punking” him when Stonestreet walked up to his counter.

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The highlight though involves shopper Teny Abedian, who falls for the prank. The unaware shopper is utterly baffled as Bublé makes “beep-boop” noises while he scans her items and tries stealing her credit card details.

For being such a good sport, DeGeneres invites Abedian onto the show, along with Stonestreet, who says he feels like he “just crashed a party.” DeGeneres then surprises Abedian with $1,000, courtesy of bubly.

Bublé stars in the first-ever Super Bowl ad from bubly, where he sits on the floor at a grocery store using a marker to change the “y” on every can of bubly to an “e”.