Jesse Eisenberg And Alexander Skarsgard Race For Millions In Milliseconds In ‘The Hummingbird Project’

Jesse Eisenberg and Alexander Skarsgard attempt to do the impossible in the new dramedy “The Hummingbird Project”.

Cousins Vincent (Eisenberg) and Anton (Skarsgard) have a crazy scheme to build a fibre optic cable between Kansas and New Jersey to give them an edge when it comes to high-frequency trading. With milliseconds between them and millions of dollars, the cousins are in a race against Vincent’s manipulative and powerful former boss Eva (Salma Hayek) as she attempts to outwit them at every turn.

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Written and directed by Montreal’s Kim Nguyen — the Academy Award-nominated writer and director of “War Witch” — “The Hummingbird Project” made its debut at TIFF in September and will be released in theatres on March 15.

ET Canada was on the set of “The Hummingbird Project” in Montreal where “Big Little Lies” star Skarsgard shared details of his bloody on-set accident caused by a slip on the ice.

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