Oprah Surprises Diners At True Food Kitchen Opening

It was an exciting evening for restaurant-goers at Pasadena’s True Food Kitchen!

The health-driven restaurant opened its doors with special guest Oprah Winfrey.

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The 64-year-old announced in July 2018 that she would be getting into the restaurant business, investing in the Phoenix-based True Food Kitchen.

The award-winning restaurant specializes in healthy seasonal menus that include organic and vegan options while focusing on the anti-inflammatory diet.

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Oprah joined the celebration of True Kitchen’s new seasonal menu at an intimate Winter Harvest Community Dinner, an ongoing series that aims to bring people together to eat and feel better and celebrate healthy living.

The healthy four-course meal featured produce from Oprah’s Maui farm and was paired with specialty cocktails.

To start, diners enjoyed grilled broccolini topped with pistachios, green olives, dries apricots, and toasted garlic.

The main course was Mauritius Island redfish paired with achiote, scarlet runner beans and swiss chard.

The dinner was finished off with a spiced yacon pie and a specialty Irish coffee that featured Kamaole coffee from Oprah’s farm, hand-picked in Haleakala.

Watch Oprah’s surprise appearance below:




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