Dr. Phil Would Like To Talk To R. Kelly, Weighs In On Pete Davidson

TV’s expert on human behaviour, Dr. Phil McGraw, reveals he’d like to speak with singer R. Kelly over his multiple sexual assault accusations — with one very important condition.

“I would like to talk to R. Kelly on any form, any platform, as long as there are no holds barred because I don’t talk to people with things off limits,” he tells ET Canada reporter Keshia Chante during a sit-down interview in Los Angeles. “I spent a lot of my professional career developing skillsets and deception detection and getting to the truth once you decide there’s been deception.”

Dr. Phil welcomes Kelly to a discussion on his TV series or on his popular podcast, “Phil In The Blanks”, where he says he’s already spoken to some of his accusers. McGraw reveals he’s waiting to corroborate their stories and would like Kelly to discuss his behaviour and the accusations against him.

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“I’ve talked to people that are alleged victims of his but I haven’t run those interviews yet because I don’t know what the truth is, and I don’t run gossip,” he explains. “Until I find out the truth, I won’t run those interviews.”

As McGraw dishes on some of his podcast guests, including Shaquille O’Neal and his favourite actress, Kathy Bates, the advice guru applauds Pete Davidson for speaking out about his mental health issues after the “SNL” actor posted that he “did not want to be on this earth anymore” on social media.

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“I saw what Pete did and I thought it was sincere,” he explains. “I think he’s a fine and talented and sensitive young man – and he spoke from his heart when he said it, and it had a ring of authenticity for me.

“It was one of those times that I was glad when someone shared that because what if he felt that way and did not share it?” he asks. “I was sorry he felt that way but glad that he said something.”




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