Bono is calling on America to look at the ongoing refugee crisis in the Middle East and North Africa as a “global problem.”

The singer, who spoke with “Good Morning America“; on Monday live from the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, urged Americans to tackle the problem before it turned into an even greater global issue. “We now know that what goes on in the Middle East or North Africa this year will spill onto the streets of Paris or Brussels next year and, God forbid, onto the streets of America,”; he told GMA. “We cannot separate ourselves from what’s going on in the outside world anymore. It’s our world. That’s what comes with globalization…With global impact, we’ve got responsibilities.”;

Jordan is a country which has welcomed over 2.7 million refugees since the start of the Syrian crisis, stretching the country’s resources to the limit, Bono explained. “The government here has told us they think one-quarter of their population are refugees…their generosity is right at its elastic limit.”;

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He continued, “we need to get behind them and countries like them that are looking after us and trying to represent our values and I think that’s very important for Americans to hear that they have an ally in Jordan.”;

The U2 frontman was in the region this week to propel action among his One organization’s seven million members.

“Remember, all these kids, all these lives; they want to be friends of America. They want to be friends of liberty,”; Bono added. “These places can be sort of universities in teaching people our values or else they can be places that are dangerous to our ideas and who we are so let’s take the first course, not the second.”;