The Queen Spotted Driving Without Wearing A Seatbelt — The Day After Prince Philip’s Car Crash

The day after her husband miraculously emerged unscathed from a massive car wreck, the Queen was spotted driving near her Sandringham estate, and photos from her royal drive indicate she was not wearing a seatbelt.

In photos published by the Daily Mail, the 92-year-old monarch can be seen at the wheel of a Range Rover on Friday, and is apparently not wearing an over-the-shoulder seatbelt.

“Under U.K. law it is compulsory to wear a seatbelt if there is one fitted,” notes the Mail, “but the Queen is immune from any civil or criminal proceedings.”

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However, The Telegraph also published photos of the Queen behind the wheel, but in these shots she can clearly be seen wearing a seatbelt, indicating she may have buckled up when she noticed photographers present.

Even more shockingly, however, are photos subsequently published by The Telegraph on Saturday, showing Prince Philip behind the wheel of a new Land Rover, apparently without a seatbelt.

“Philip had been travelling on a public road before turning into the private land surrounding the estate, where he is under no legal obligation to wear a seatbelt,” writes The Telegraph.

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“A clump of what appears to be grass could also be seen wedged beneath the bumper, which was not present when the Land Rover was delivered as a replacement for his last car,” The Telegraph adds.

According to the Mail, Norfolk police have launched an investigation into the Duke of Edinburgh’s car crash on Thursday, with police stating the incident will be treated as any other traffic collision, which would indicate Philip will be interviewed at some point.

“The incident will be investigated and any appropriate action taken,” added a police spokesperson.

Philip, 97, was at the wheel when his Land Rover collided with a Kia near the royal Sandringham estate, sending the prince’s car on its side. Philip was apparently uninjured in the crash, while two people in the other vehicle were treated at the scene for minor injuries.

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