Most people would do anything to secure the dream job, and Andy Samberg was no different.

In a sneak peek for his interview with Willie Geist on “Sunday Today”, Samberg explained how he had to cut his hair if he wanted the dream role on “Saturday Night Live”.

He compared the gig to going up for the Yankees aligning himself as a “little kid in Little League being like, ‘I want to be short stop for the Yankees!’ You’re like, ‘Oh great, so does everyone.’ “

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Then one day the dream came true, and he was sitting in front of “SNL” creator Lorne Michaels, although even after his conversation with the most sought-after man in show business he still wasn’t sure if Michaels had entirely offered him the job.

After leaving his office others asked him how it wentm he quipped, “‘I don’t know what happened.’ And they were like, ‘You got it!’”

He added: “Maybe I just started showing up and they didn’t want to turn me away.”

Samberg also added that Michaels wasn’t a fan of his mop-styled hair.

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According to Sandler, he was asked “‘Would you be willing to cut your hair?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah! I’ll shave my head. I’ll do whatever you want.’”

The rest is Digital Short history!

The full interview will air on Feb. 20 on “Sunday Today with Willie Geist”.

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