Anthony Rapp hopes he did his part to support the Time’s Up and #MeToo movements.

The “Star Trek: Discovery” actor was the first man to publicly accuse Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct. Soon after, at least 15 similar accusations against Spacey were made by various people.

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“I know that it’s something that needs continued movement forward and I’m going to keep doing my best to be a part of the movement forward,” Rapp said at the season two premiere of “Star Trek: Discovery”, per Deadline.

“I was just concerned that it would be something that could keep happening,” he expressed. “So if I could do something that would make a difference, I was eager to.”

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If anything, Rapp hopes he has done his part to “change the culture” of sexual misconduct. Something he will continue to champion.

The numerous allegations against Spacey led to his removal from the ultra-popular Netflix show “House of Cards”.