Anne Hathaway Pranks Ellen’s Audience With ‘Clementime’ Meditation Ritual, Reveals Why She’s Quit Drinking Until Her Son Turns 18

Anne Hathaway appears on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday, and some sneak-peek videos prove the “Les Mis” Oscar winner is always up for a practical joke.

While host Ellen DeGeneres is usually the one pranking her guests, Hathaway managed to turn the tables on the daytime talk show star by relating a bogus anecdote about how she’s begun meditating with a clementine orange in her mouth, which she claimed provides healthful citrus benefits and vitamin C during meditation.

To demonstrate her technique, Hathaway had DeGeneres and members of the studio audience stuff clementines in their mouths, directing their breathing and asking them if they felt any better.

When some audience members admitted they did indeed feel better, Hathaway revealed herself. “That’s impossible,” she quipped. “I made the whole thing up.”

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In another part of the show, Hathaway explained why she decided to quit drinking after her 3-year-old son was born — and why she’s not planning to start up again until he turns 18.

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Meanwhile, Hathaway also played a game of “Heads Up” with fellow guest Fred Savage, revealing she’s a huge fan of the former “Wonder Years” star, who is now hosting ABC’s Ricky Gervais-starring game show “Child Support” and, in case you haven’t checked out his IMDb page recently, is also a hotshot TV director. Watch:

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