Charlie Puth On Massive Success Following ‘See You Again’

After the massive success of his Furious 7 track “See You Again”, Charlie Puth can breathe a sigh of relief that he’s followed it up with more hits, but don’t think he wasn’t worried. “For like a week, I was like, ‘Oh my God, what if I never write a song like this again?'” Puth explained to ET Canada. “Then I just realized, ‘Wrong thinking, you have to do something completely different.'”

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And he did just that, releasing “Marvin Gaye”, a duet with Meghan Trainor, whom Puth says is one of the most talented people he knows. “People know her as pop star Meghan,” Puth says. “But behind the scenes, she’s pretty incredible.”

Puth has now released his debut album, Nine Track Mind, and he’s currently climbing the charts with the single “One Call Away”, but Puth isn’t focused on the numbers. “I can never look at it as a numeric value,” Puth explains. “It’s all about my happiness and creativity… I never want to top success. I want to recreate the success.”

The album also features a duet with Selena Gomez on “We Don’t Talk Anymore”, which Puth calls an “unexpected” collaboration that happened right under the wire! After he recorded the song himself on his laptop, he sent her the track just to get her opinion, and Selena wanted to jump on the track! “She added all these dope ideas and harmonies to it,” Puth says. “And we literally submitted the album that night. It was crazy close that we hit the deadline.”

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Puth made headlines when he was performing the song solo in concert a few weeks ago and blurted out, “F*** you, Justin Bieber!” Of course, Beliebers weren’t too happy, and Puth apologized on Twitter for the joke that didn’t quite work. “What I thought sounded funny in my mind… immediately when I put it to the microphone, I was like, ‘Why did I say that? Not only is he a nice kid, I barely know him and I like his music. What’s my problem?’ I just need to stop trying to be funny.”

Puth also addressed his hilarious tendency to make “sex faces”; unknowingly during his concerts, which has prompted him to create his own hashtag #CharlieSexFace – asking fans to send their best concert snaps to him featuring the singer mid-sex face.
You can catch Puth on tour this spring, and he’ll open for Gomez in Anaheim on July 9. And watch below, as we ask him to choose between dialing Gomez and Trainor in a bunch of funny scenarios.


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