Sarah Palin Responds After Alyssa Milano Compares MAGA Hat To Ku Klux Klan Hood

Alyssa Milano is under fire after she compared the red MAGA hat of Donald Trump supporters to that of the white hood worn by Ku Klux Klan members.

An outspoken activist, Milano on Twitter over the weekend seemingly addressed a clip of a hate-filled confrontation between Native-American elder and activist Nathan Phillips and a group of MAGA hat-wearing Catholic school students that went viral. The widely condemned video clip in question showed the group of male students hollering and taunting Phillips as they surrounded him, aggressively blocking his path.

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The teens were in Washington, D.C., for the anti-abortion protest March For Life, which runs concurrently with the Women’s March.

However, since the original clip surfaced, the video clip in question has been revealed to include a more complex chain of events of the altercation with another group appearing responsible for the inciting incident. The main student in the viral video, Nick Sandmann, points the blame at a group of black student protestors and alleges he was trying to “diffuse” the situation. Phillips refuted those claims, describing the “mob-like” jeering by the teens.

Milano unleashed a firestorm of tweets from pro-Trump supporters and those pointing the finger at the actress for rushing to judgment.

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“Maybe the first thought when you wake up should not be to call every person who disagrees with you politically a racist,” one tweet reads.

“Please get the whole story. These kids did not start this,” another response reads.

Another user called her response tying the white hate-group to Trump supporters “extreme.”

“I have a lot of respect for you as a woman and actress but don’t you think that’s a little extreme? Trump supporters don’t tie people to crosses and burn them like the KKK did,” a woman replies.

Milano addressed the controversial tweet on Monday.

Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin pushed back at Milano’s claims in a Facebook post on Monday, calling her statement “intolerant, prejudiced, gag-inducing rhetoric.”

“Comparing MAGA apparel with white hoods, intimating that anyone who’s worn MAGA has no love for minorities or ‘other people’ who don’t look like you or your ‘perfect’ child. How dare you,” Palin captioned a photo of herself and her son, Trig, who has Down Syndrome.

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“Alyssa, did you not know white hoods represented hatred for minorities and ‘handicapped’ children and adults whom the hooded KKK and white supremacists deemed unworthy of life?” she continued in her post.

In response to the outcry, Milano revealed she would be further discussing the issue in an op-ed.

The actress wasn’t the only celeb to speak out against the viral video.

Chris Evans, Glenn Close, Debra Messing, and Classified are among the celebrities who publicly condemned the incident.





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