Stephen Curry is without a doubt a great basketball player but at the end of the day, he’s human, and like all humans, he makes mistakes.

That is what happened on Monday night when the Golden State Warriors point guard took a slip and tumble during a game against the Los Angeles Lakers. Unfortunately for the NBA star, James Corden is not going to let him forget his blunder any time soon.

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The host aired the embarrassing clip on Tuesday’s edition of “The Late Late Show” with Curry as a guest, and then asked the 30-year-old athlete to explain himself.

“You see, what happened was, the L.A. Kings had a game right before us, and they must not have put the floor back on top of the ice all the way because there was a little wet spot there,” Curry jokingly explained.

However, fellow guest Ron Funches had an apt observation. “How does the ice explain the airball?” he asked.

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Corden and Funches did thank Curry for showing that he is indeed human and making them feel better about their own lack of sports skills.

“I went to a school that was mostly white where they assumed that I could [play basketball] and I let them all down,” Funches said, “so I want to say thank you.”

Later in the show, Curry was given a chance to redeem himself in an unconventional shooting contest, where Corden was hoisted in the air as the basketball hoop.