Jorge Antonio Guerrero is excited about his film “Roma” scoring 10 2019 Oscar nominations, but he may have to watch the big show from home.

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The Mexican actor told IndieWire that he is worried he will not be able to make it to the Oscars on Feb. 24 because he has consistently been denied visas to the United States.

Guerrero said he first applied for a visitor’s visa in early 2018, long before “Roma” premiered, and was denied. He has since been denied entry to the U.S. twice more, causing him to miss a Netflix gala for the film, as well as the Golden Globes, where the film won multiple awards.

The actor also said that during one of his attempts to apply for entry, U.S. Embassy officials in Mexico City thought that he was trying to go to America as a worker, not an actor.

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“What I want to interpret is that it is a matter of procedure,” Guerrero told IndieWire. “It is a procedure that I want to do and that I have been denied by the interviewers that have touched me. I want to think that, because if we could find a way for a consular officer or someone in the embassy to read those letters of invitation, one could understand the artistic figure that I have and the cultural exchange that is taking place between two nations.”