There is no one quite like Céline Dion. Her style, her power, her charisma, and most importantly, her reactions to fashion.

As a front-row staple at couture fashion week in Paris, her attendance tends to draw attention away from the clothes on display and onto her.

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Unlike Miranda Priestly’s varying levels of pursed lip to show approval, Dion’s looks are much more dramatic — from gasps to tears.

For instance, here she is at a Valentino show:

The Canadian treasure singing at Ronald van der Kemp.

Reacting with sheer joy to the beauty of the work of Armani. Or how most people react to Channing Tatum.

Lots and lots of clapping and cheering.

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Leg grabbing, face gripping, and gasping are part of Dion’s fashion week repertoire.

Derek Blasberg said it best:

See more of the singer in the video below.