After rising to fame on Vine in 2013, twins Ethan and Grayson Dolan have built their reputation on YouTube. But with fame come the consequences.

The boys, 19, announced the death of their father, Sean Dolan, on January 19. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. Both of the boys said that they would be taking some time off of social media to be with family during this difficult time. Not a hard ask.

Unfortunately, a now-deleted Instagram post shared details of their dad’s funeral, saying that the obituary would be uploaded “as soon as the funeral home posts it,” according to Buzzfeed. 

The post included the hashtags #SeanDolanFuneral and #SeanDolanMeetupParty.

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The boys had to return to social media earlier than planned to tell people not to attend their father’s funeral asking for “respect” and well-wishes to be on “social media only!”

His brother added that the best way to show support “is to NOT show up at our father’s wake or funeral.”

Fans supported the boys and called for others not to attend the funeral, saying “their focus should be on their family, not people overstepping boundaries.”

It is suspected that the people behind the campaign are K-pop fans who were not pleased with a joke Grayson made about overworked K-pop artists who have fainted.

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Some K-pop fans openly mocked the death of Sean Dolan as a way of getting back at the twins.

No further information has appeared online recently about the funeral.