‘Full Frontal’ Interviews Furloughed Federal Workers On ‘Masked Singer’ Parody Show

“The Masked Singer” is good for more than just singing.

Samantha Bee used the buzzing new television show, itself inspired by South Korea’s “King of the Masked Singer”, to give furloughed federal workers a voice in a hilarious new “Full Frontal” piece.

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“Many federal workers are scared to speak out. So how do we give them a voice without compromising their careers?” producer and correspondent Allana Harkin introduced the segment. “The same way they get out-of-work celebrities to do it on my new favourite hallucination-as-TV show, ‘The Masked Singer’.”

Contestants on “The Masked Federal Worker” included Mister Ms. Lion, The Narwhalicorn, Feather Queen, and Bumblebird.

The Golden Warrior, for example, said, “What keeps me up at night is knowing that some of the oversight bodies of government who help make sure that the government operates safely and in accordance of the law are largely in hibernation right now.”

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The largest government shutdown in U.S. history — the second of 2018 — began on Dec. 22.

“The Masked Singer” on FOX has thus far revealed celebrity contestants Margaret Cho, Tommy Chong, Antonio Brown, and Terry Bradshaw.

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