British County Twitter Account Gets Backlash Over Response To Dave Grohl Letter

It looks like a British county council got itself into some hot water after some very bad Twitter puns.

In a 2016 letter sent by Dave Grohl to the Cornwall Council that went viral last week, the Foo Fighters frontman had written to disagree with the council’s decision to ban local band Black Leaves of Envy from playing in their home county.

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“Like many musicians, I started in a garage in my neighbourhood,” Grohl wrote. “For musicians that lack the resources to rehearse in professional facilities, a garage or basement is the only place they have to develop their talent and passion. I believe that it is crucial that children have a place to explore their creativity and establish a sense of self through song.”

Seeing the letter go viral on the occasion of Grohl’s birthday, the Cornwall Council official Twitter account decided to respond by making a series of Foo Fighters puns.

Unfortunately for the council, Black Leaves of Envy didn’t take the jokes lightly.

“Posting a mocking reply with misleading information, to a group of young people that are trying to make up for a local government’s shortcomings, is disgraceful,” the band told NME.

“No real explanation or apology has ever been given, and the promise of another alternative centre never surfaced,” they said, adding: “We were told that an alternative rehearsal space would have to be funded ourselves, costing several thousands of pounds.”

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The Cornwall Council responded, telling NME, “We offered to work with the band and spoke to the owner of the property on several occasions to look at ways of reducing the noise levels and suggested they consider installing some soundproofing in the garage to address the problem or possibly compromise by looking at playing only at certain times of the day. In the end, the owner did not get back in touch with us to seek further advice and we have not received any further complaints about the noise levels.”

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