One of the guys on Ellen DeGeneres’ writing staff has a bit of a problem keeping things tidy, so she decided to help him get that fixed.

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On Thursday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” the daytime host enlisted the help of Netflix’s “Tidying Up” star Marie Kondo to show Troy how to declutter his office.

Walking into the office, Kondo said, “I’ve actually never seen a room with this many things on the wall.”

“I feel like I’m on ‘Cops’,” Troy joked.

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Things got a little tough once Kondo got to work, asking about the various items filling up the office, including a large-bottomed Kim Kardashian tree topper and a “Kim Kardashian breaks the Internet” mug.

“Rather than wanting to tidy, I think he wanted to showcase all the things that sparked joy in his office,” Kondo commented.