Patton Oswalt Helps Twitter Troll Who Dissed Him After Learning Of Health Issues

Like many celebrities who venture into social media, comedian Patton Oswalt has experienced his fair share of Twitter trolling, which he usually combats with a well-placed one-liner.

A recent experience, however, had the 49-year-old funnyman veering from comedic combativeness to compassion.

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It all started when Oswalt responded to President Donald Trump’s tweet about the border wall that’s led the U.S. government to be shut down for more than a month, sending Trump a “pome” to match his rhyming all-caps tweet reading, “BUILD A WALL & CRIME WILL FALL!”

Oswalt’s poetic tweet earned positive response from one Twitter user, who wrote “Bravo!” alongside a video of Oswalt clapping at an award show.

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However, that tweet earned a bit of venom from Twitter user Michael Beatty, who referenced a somewhat obscure — although undeniably fatal — movie role from his past.

Oswalt took aim and fired back, hilariously reframing the intended diss as a complement.

Oswalt’s Twitter troll, however, followed that up with another reference to Oswalt’s appearance in the 2004 “Blade” sequel, in which his character dies while shooting hoops, along with a cheap shot at his height.

At this point, instead of locking on and setting his comedy phasers to “obliterate,” Oswalt did something else: he took a look at the person who was attacking him, discovering Beatty has experienced some serious (and expensive) medical issues. As a result, Oswalt encouraged his Twitter followers to make a donation — and then donated $2,000 himself.

Oswalt’s followers were quick to follow suit; a quick look at Beatty’s GoFundMe page shows the $5,000 goal has already been surpassed, with more than $13,000 in donations coming in, along with numerous comments from contributors who write that they learned of the GoFundMe because of Oswalt.

Beatty was quick to send his gratitude to the comedian he trolled, admitting he had also learned a big lesson from Oswalt’s kindness.

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“You have humbled me to the point where I can barely compose my words,” he wrote. “You have caused me to take pause and reflect on how harmful words from my mouth could result in such an outpouring.”

Expressing a bit of confusion as to whether it was Beatty or his cousin who had the health problems, Oswalt wrote that, in any case, he’s
“glad the $$$ goal was met.”

Proving he’s a comedian above all, Oswalt couldn’t resist wrapping things up with one more NSFW joke:

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