Patty Jenkins Is Already Planning The Third ‘Wonder Woman’ Movie

We still have to wait for June 2020 to see the second installment of “Wonder Woman”, when “Wonder Woman 1984” will be released. However, in a new interview, director Patty Jenkins said she already has an idea for what the third movie would look like.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Jenkins said she has “pretty clear plans” when it comes to “Wonder Woman 3”.

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She did note that she may or may not direct it, but she sees “how her arc should end in my incarnation of Wonder Woman.”

Jenkins has a “great passion” for the project and came up with the storyline for “Wonder Woman 1984” while filming the first.

And there is no one better to direct a powerful female-led movie than Jenkins herself. She gave credit to her mother who she saw struggle but did a “remarkable job” of making her feel like females were always powerful.

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She doesn’t want to be grouped in as “a woman director”, mostly because she was often fed the line of “let’s get a woman director to do this male-conceived thing.”

She does believe that things are changing for female directors in the industry and that people realise that “there’s money to be made” with “stories that they may not totally understand.”



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