When she won an Oscar in 2010 for her performance in “Precious”, comedian Mo’Nique should have seen her career skyrocket.

That hasn’t been the case, and the controversial performer has consistently maintained that she’s being “blackballed” for her refusal to play by Hollywood’s rules, and continues to speak out about the wrongful treatment she says she’s experiencing.

In an extensive interview with Vulture, Mo’Nique, 51, insists she has “absolutely no regrets whatsoever. If I had to do it all over again, I would do it the same way.”

In the interview, Mo’Nique addresses her feud with Tyler Perry, which escalated when she released a secretly recorded phone call with the actor-writer-director in which he can heard saying that things would have gone differently for her had she played “the game.” In addition, Perry (an exec producer on “Precious”), told her he would publicly come to her defence.

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“Here’s the thing: He’s never done it,” she tells Vulture. “We had given Tyler Perry a year to keep his word. Brother, you said you were going to come out and say something. Well, you never came out and said anything. And what was disheartening was people who were saying, ‘How could you tape him?’ But, they weren’t saying, ‘Oh my God, did you hear what he said? He said she wasn’t wrong. He said he was going to say she wasn’t wrong.’ He said, ‘Had you played by their rules…’ Well, that’s just like somebody saying, ‘If you don’t go up to that hotel room and get on your knees, you know what’s going to happen.’ But no one was ever brave enough to say, ‘Wait a minute Tyler, is what Mo’Nique saying true?'”

She adds: “We just said, ‘Tyler, clear my name. Give me back my reputation.’ No one’s ever heard of me being difficult, being a problem, being nothing, until this movie ‘Precious’ came. Until Mo’Nique said some words that sound like no. Then it’s, ‘Oh my God, you’re a problem.'”

Mo’Nique also addresses her contentious appearance on “The View”, after she announced she was pulling out of a $500K deal for a Netflix standup special over comparisons to the multimillion-dollar deals the streaming service was making with comics such as Amy Schumer, Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld.

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During her appearance, “View” moderator Whoopi Goldberg admonished Mo’Nique, telling her, “I’m going to stop you because, contractually, when you make a movie, regardless of who you sign the deal with, your job is to go and promote said movie… And we’ve had this conversation, and I said if you had called me I could’ve schooled you on what was expected.”

“When I sat there on that platform on ‘The View’, I felt sorry. I had empathy for my sister Whoopi Goldberg. Because what you’re saying to me is, ‘You must work for free. I could’ve schooled you.’ The very thing I went to ‘The View’ to speak about was the very thing I experienced on ‘The View’,” she explains.

“You give me three minutes to talk about inequality? Well, I was there the whole show. When you have a woman saying, ‘I could have schooled you,’ someone would say, ‘What was the schooling going to be?’ When I look at this woman you say is our icon and our legend — she is. But, how many things has Whoopi Goldberg executive produced? Whoopi Goldberg has always been the help, and I say that humbly. So what is it that you’re going to school me on? I’ve been doing it for almost 30 years.”

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Adds Mo’Nique: “This is a woman who says ‘I could have schooled you,’ and this is a woman who accepted Ted Danson in blackface, and our community praises this woman. So oftentimes, we do it to ourselves. But, I just can’t. Understand, I love my sister. However, when you know you’re being fed the wrong food, you must say, ‘I can’t chew this, y’all.'”

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