Kelly Clarkson paid tribute to a country music icon on the opening night of her “Meaning of Life” tour Thursday night.

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The “American Idol” winner was performing in Oakland, Cal. and livestreamed a portion of the concert on Facebook for fans.

People tuning in watched Clarkson sing a moving cover of Miranda Lambert’s hit “Tin Man”.

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“She is one hell of a writer,” Clarkson said, according to an audience member on Twitter. “I hope I did it justice, Miranda. I love that song … I was cleaning out my closet and I had my phone on and that came on and I was like, ‘Whaaaat?’ I was bawling. I was a sobbing mess.”

Clarkson’s next stop is in Fresno, Cal., and from there she’ll tour across the U.S. Midwest and South and will be going live online each night.